Hooray for Hoppy! by Tim Hopgood, published by Macmillan

This lovely board book from Tim Hopgood (one of our favourite author/illustrators), with its bold splashes of yellows, oranges and greens, celebrates the arrival of spring and its power to reawaken all of our senses.

We first see Hoppy the rabbit in the depths of winter, when he emerges from his underground home wondering “perhaps today’s the day!” only to discover that “the world was covered in snow”. I think we can all sympathise with Hoppy’s next move: “Too cold” he said, and he hopped back to bed”. Reading this to our two year old this month has felt particularly appropriate with the “is it?” or “isn’t it?” unpredictable weather we’ve been having.

The next time Hoppy pops his head out of his burrow, he is once again disappointed, this time he’s met with frost and a ground which is “too icy”. A few days later Hoppy wakes to find the air smelling fresh and feels optimistic that today might really be the day that spring arrives. He sets off to find out.

Hoppy is delighted to find that his senses are overwhelmed with spring sights, sounds, smells and tastes. The birds are singing in a tree covered in blossom, the flowers smell like spring, the lambs gambol in the field and the green grass is ready to be nibbled. Hoppy is delighted to confirm that spring has sprung and wants to share the news with his friends. After waking them with some enthusiastic thumps on the ground, he is soon surrounded by hopping little bunnies.

This a wonderfully illustrated and delightfully colourful celebration of all that is best about spring and is also a perfect choice for Easter.