One Day on Our Blue Planet: In The Savannah by Ella Bailey, published by Flying Eye Books

In recent weeks, songs from the Lion King have established themselves as a soiundtrack to our lives. We are regularly serenaded by Elton and co, especially in the car where the perpetually uplifting Hakuna Matata seems to play on a loop. In our playroom, Simba-based make-believe can last for hours.

Fortunately, there is an abundance of wonderful picturebooks to quench our three year old daughter’s thirst for tales of lions (we’ve previously reviewed some of our favourite lion-themed picturebooks including Lionheart by Richard Collingridge and Lion Practice by Emma Carlisle).

Recently, our daughter has taken a keen interest in fact-based offerings on the natural world, even dipping into our BBC Blue Planet box set. Ella Bailey’s magnificent book ‘One Day on Our Blue Planet in the Savannah’ is a distinctive, detailed and striking depiction of a lion cub’s day and night in the Savannah.

It offers a perfect balance of fact and fiction as we follow the cub from sunrise to beyond sunset, meeting a myriad of other animals along the way, as he plays, explores and avoids danger. The book also carefully explores aspects of the cub’s survival and issues that relate to ‘the circle of life’, such as hunting other animals to eat.

Bailey’s illustrations have a blend of warmth and realism, and the book’s inside and back covers are filled with the animals of day and night along with their names – a great learning feature, which provides the opportunity for playing ‘spot’ during each reading.

There is a particular page focused on the wider pride, identifying the cub’s extended family including his aunties and cousins. We’ve not come across many other picturebooks that feature cousins, so this has been nice as a way of talking about our daughter’s equivalent relations.

As with all Flying Eye Books we’ve read, the production quality is exceptional and its pages are lovely to touch and turn. This is sure to be a book we will all enjoy to for many years to come.