Pip Jones (author) and Laura Hughes (illustrator), published by Faber
& Faber

weeks ago, our daughter introduced us to a new game: ‘Picnic’. The
game goes like this:

“I’d like in my sandwich…a paintbrush”

“No! That’s for painting with”

“What about an aeroplane?”

“No! That’s for flying in the sky”

format continues until we say something sensible, such as cheese, and
then it’s her turn to lead.

pretty certain this game was inspired after a first reading of
‘Daddy’s Sandwich’, a giggle-guaranteed tale, brilliantly
illustrated, about a well meaning little girl and her efforts to make
her daddy the perfect sandwich – because what could be nicer than a
sandwich made with his favourite ingredients?

culinary creation begins in a conventional, benign fashion- cheese
and tomato on thick crusty bread. But as the girl starts to think
“outside the fridge”, she broadens her criteria and begins
to add ALL of her daddy’s most loved items, including his banjo,
deckchair and his special camera (which she knows she’s not meant to
touch, “but just this once…”).

To top it
off, she adds some of her favourite things (which of course her
daddy loves too, by default) – such as her paintings, paddling pool
and, finally, last but most loved, her!

a triumphant final spread, we see her multi-story formulation in all
its glory, with the girl perched on top. Holding a final slice of
bread above her head she calls out: “Daddy, your sandwich is
ready…” and as her daddy peers round, we see that very
familiar parental expression of simultaneous bewilderment and pride.

Daddy’s Sandwich is a delicious treat, any time of the day.

Author feedback:

@PipsJones said: Gorgeous review here of Daddy’s Sandwich from @Books4MyToddler – thank you very much!

Laura Hughes (@inkylaur) Really sweet review of Daddy’s Sandwich by @Books4MyToddler Thank you!