Lunchtime, by Rebecca Cobb, published by PanMacMillan

“At lunchtime, Mum said, ‘Eat up’. I said, ‘No thanks, I’m a bit too busy'”

Lunchtime was one of our toddler’s first picture books, and it remains one of her firm favourites. As is the case with all of Rebecca Cobb’s wonderful books, she combines beautiful, distinctive illustrations with a fun, well-told story.

Here a determined and imaginative girl is reluctant to interrupt her busy schedule and eat her lunch, only to find that three ravenous creatures (who fortunately think children taste revolting) are more than happy to eat it up for her.

The words of the animal characters in this book are great for reading aloud – it changes periodically but we tend to portray them as a dour bear, an uptight wolf and a nervous crocodile.

It has also been a useful early book for helping our toddler understand about mealtime, and she loves to name all of the items the little girl has for lunch, and later for her dinner “A yoghurt just like me!”

Lunchtime is a fantastic picturebook, a real winner, and it will always have a special place on our shelf.

Lunchtime won the Picture Book Category of the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2013. With thanks to Rebecca Cobb for allowing her cover image with this review.

Feedback from the author: @Rebecca_Cobb said “thank you very much for the review. It’s very kind & I’m really happy you like it :)”