When It Snows, by Richard Collingridge, published by David Fickling Books

Although summer is around the corner and it’s 6 months until Christmas, the magic and beauty of When it Snows can be enjoyed all year round. We discovered When it Snows a few weeks before our daughter’s first Christmas. We’ve read it frequently since, and I’m sure it will be enjoyed for many more years to come.

With his debut When it Snows, Richard Collingridge has created a perfect picture book. His words and illustration convey pure adventure, joy and wonder. This wintry tale, a small boy’s journey through a mysterious and enchanting snow-covered landscape, benefits from many reads.

Over time, through our daughter’s eyes and her new understanding, we discover revelations we’d not seen before: A fresh paw print in the snow, the face of an elf previously unobserved in the flickering candlelight, a creature of the night prowling the shadows of the woods. Collingridge treads carefully to avoid it becoming too dark, narratively and visually, and in doing his creation is akin to the very best of the Brothers Grimm.

And after a satisfying ending to the boy’s adventure, we find that he has been reading the same book as us all along, safe and warm by the fireplace, equally as able to close the book tight as he is to read it again and again (for as the final line says: “We can go there every day, because our favourite books takes us there”).

With thanks to Richard Collingridge for allowing use of his beautiful cover alongside this review.